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Root over deadwood Tiger bark Ficus

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 Hi everyone. Well ,I did what I told myself I wouldn't do. I was supposed to document and upload all the work I try to do with my plants . I didn't do that. I was very busy with work this summer.  I lost some trees in October a few were on the forum. So this one bonsai was a cutting from another pre bonsai I will show. I have it growing on a upside down  cedar tree stump. It has been growing strong even though I've been slacking on the feedings. I use alot of slow release slow release ferts and rainwater. To make up for my bad schedule.

The pics aren't so great but I'll show more

 The tree has a few roots that are thickening well.

I placed cuttings around so I can fuse them to the branches as aerial roots.I started one but I don't have the pic atm.

I went to Owen Reich country on vacation and brought back different mosses from the Blue Ridge mountains . A few of my pee bonsai have some. These pics are a few days old . I am going to be wire and take more pics . Till next time


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