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I thought it was strange that there had been no posts since my last visit here so I thought it would be a good time for my first topic.

I got this ficus last December, and defoliated it in early February to try and induce some back budding. I then was able to wire it and repot it in February, into a Bellota pot, at my Kaikou school class. I have since defoliated and rewired this summer and it has done well. I am hoping to display it this fall as part of the kaikou school display.

First pic as purchased
Second pic after repotting
Third pic I think is two weeks old.

andy graham:
Looks nice. How would you prefer to display it? Defoliated? Fully leafed out? Or somewhere in between.

I ask because I have never had a tree in a show or even been to a show.

Andy you have such amazing trees, why do you not show them? I like seeing your tropicals because they give me something to aspire to.

This tree is not really ready to show but part of our "graduation" for the Kaikou school we need to show a tree. I'm going to probably show it in leaf because the ramification really isn't show quality. It is my best tree though so I'm going with it.

I'm toying with the idea of one more defoliation this summer to try and pop some buds. What do you think?

By the way, the picture is from tonight.

andy graham:
Your tree is really looking good.

As for me..Shows?..I'm too lazy I guess. Or, the timing has never been right and I live pretty far away from any clubs,etc.

I'm not sure about your timing/season in Massachusetts. Do you still have time for the buds to make significant growth before you'll show it? At the size of your tree, it's going to be difficult to really get much ramification. You'd really need to do more than defoliation. If you think you have time..I'd clip the tips and when you're getting ready to show it, cut the larger leaves off. It looks like you left the growing tips on when you defoliated? Realizing that it would set your tree back by a considerable amount of time, next year you may want to prune the longer branches back pretty hard and see what kind of back budding you get.

That being said................

Take any advice I give with trepidation. If my trees look good it's because of happenstance. I've had them all for a long time and sometimes(every once in a while) I get lucky.



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