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Future Ficus benjamina root over cypress deadwood


I have bunch of deadwood laying around that I've dug up . I don't know how well Benjamin leaves reduce .maybe it won't fit the deadwood but I tried anyway

I bent the branches roughly into position.

Really like your project.Ficus is one tree you can do genuine Phoenix grafts with.They grow that way wild!I have found that benjaminas reduce well if they are healthy defoliated in the right season.Again,great job 8)

Hi Geo thank you for the comment it's always encouraging . It's doing good it backbudded already . I have all my tropicals in my porch atm we are getting down in the low 30s here. I didn't know about Phoenix grafts. I'm going to look into it. I have a project I'm going to post on a mature benjamina that was given to me .I put it on a stone slab . It's pretty cool .


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