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andy graham:
Ficus phillepensis


Can you tell us a little bit about this tree?

Andy, as you know I know nothing about tropicals..or for that matter any of the trees that grow east of the Miss.

I would love to grow larch and Eastern red cedar but they are not available out here.

The university where the Fresno club holds its meetings has a green house, and the guy who works at th University, Steve Dasilva ( the guy I got the ugly pyracantha from) grows many types of ficus there. He grows too little, willow leaf, snakebark (retusa)and maybe some others. Nothing with trunks this large. All under an inch, maybe a little more.

With my climate would I need a greenhouse in winter or can some of these take some cool temps?

andy graham:

Not much to tell on this one.I bought it at Jim Smith's when I was in Florida last year. All I've done is trim it up,pinch it back and root prune to get it in a bonsai pot. If I remember correctly,it was in an 8" azalea tub when I bought it.It's about 18" tall.


This one is not really very big.

The retusa and Golden Gates are fairly "cool" hardy.The willow leafs are the last to recover for me after winter.

I leave all of my ficus out unless I expect a freeze.And then...I just cover with plastic sheeting. We have pretty warm winters down here but it can be dreary. If I put my trees in a greenhouse over winter I could increase the yearly growth, but I don't have time during the winter to take care of them, so I like that they slow to a standstill.


Its a wonderful tree.
Thanks for sharing.

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