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Ficus Natalensis - Root over rock

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I have a Natal Fig that was growing in a pot in the back of my dads garden.  I started to do a rock over rock in 2008 and I now really need to take it to the next level.

I have been raising it out of the soil and exposing the lower roots for them to harden off.

My question now is with regards to the styling.

I definitely believe that it needs to be wired and maybe trimmed but would really like to see your thoughts on where to next with the styling.

So being the person that I am, I drop this ficus too.  First it was the Ficus Burtt-Davyi and now this one.  LUCKILY no damage except of all the soil falling out.

So a quick repot and here is a close up of the roots

And the canopy

So I posted these pics onto a Bonsai Facebook page and I got a reply where someone did a virt for me.

Would like to know what anyone thinks?

Yes, No anything???

That virt looks good butterfingers. jk. The low branches compliment the roots and the rock.  When is the proper time  to do trunk chop on ficus ?


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