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Ficus Benjamina's after 4 years training

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Hi Friends,

These 2 Ficus Benjamina's were bought november 2005, it were so called fused housetrees of 2 mtr in height.
I reduced them directly, above and below ground, leaving about 30 cm of bare trunk with a rootball height of 4-5 cm.
Sadly I don't have any photo's of that process.

These are the trees now, tree1 is 31 cm high with a trunkbase of 7 cm.
I tried to fuse a branch by drilling a hole in the trunk, sticking a brach through and letten it thicken for 3 years. Sadly when removing, allthough gradually it died when cutting its lifeline.
Tree2 38 cm high with a trunkbase of 9 cm. Here is the mayor problem that all branches are located at the back of the tree. Normally you could turn it round and go from there, but than all branches are going towards the viewer, so I best leave it this way for now.
Both trees are standing at work, in a south-east facing window, 5 days a week with 24 hours off light (we have daylight lamps), only during weekend and long holidays they'll have day/night rithm.

What do you think, are they progressing?? What can be altered or what would you change?


I see a few millimeters of daylight under a foot of that pot ;D
With these nice thick central trunks, maybe you could grow the side branches out long and horizontal and start getting some arial roots to grow off them. You know, like the banyan style. Perhaps it's "cookie-cutter," but I think it's a lot of fun to have one of those in your ficus collection.

ThereĀ“s a little problem, since I live in western Europe, so non tropical climate, creating arial roots is a massive problem overhere. It has been done by some, but like said very difficult.

And cookie cutter or not, I like them, they even gave me a group of 5 (branch cuttings taken from these 2) and a few others.....

cheers, Wessel

You have brought these trees along quite nicely. Especially considering that Benjamina is not the easiest to work with.
I too think that getting good, properly placed branches is the key.
I would allow branches to grow long so that they can be brought around to approach graft them to the trunk. I think these are quite likely to work.
My benjamina tree required them.
Keep us posted on your progress.

Here's the group of 5 I made of cuttings, water rooted, and developed further in small pots. Have two left which will develop further in these pots, the right one will be a mame one day (I hope)

So you can see how easy it is to grow yourself a group, individual or cutdown tree from the Ficus benj. which has been inside your house for all these years...........

Cheers, Wessel

3rd photo is of a Ficus benj. forest of German bonsaifriend GiselaV, totally made of woodcuttings, leafcuttings and small individual supermarket plants, thats what I aim for one day  ;)


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