Author Topic: Ficus "Tiger Bark"  (Read 2689 times)

andy graham

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Ficus "Tiger Bark"
« on: July 04, 2010, 01:17 PM »
Any suggestions?
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Larry Gockley

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Re: Ficus "Tiger Bark"
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Just one suggestion   ---   give it to me !    I don't remember that one . Where were you hiding it?   I do like to see branches however. Just my preference I guess. Larry


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Re: Ficus "Tiger Bark"
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Tropicals (you know, fake trees) aren't really in my "wheelhouse".  This one doesn't look like so many of yours that I've seen.  Its more akin to a tree that I'm familiar with.  With a little imagination, it looks a lot like the old (not quite ancient) spreading oaks around these parts.  If that's where you're headed, more separation/negative space would work well in the crown.  

Also, have you considered working to improve the nebari (root grafts, ground layering, ...damaging the trunk RIGHT at the soil)?  I guess by asking you that I'm suggesting I'd work on it.  That said, in your climate, anything that drastic might be unnecessary and maybe patience is more in order.

Welcome back Andy.  's good to have ya.
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andy graham

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Re: Ficus "Tiger Bark"
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Thanks gentlemen. I posted these in the wrong order. The second pic is what it looked like before the defoliated first. It had been in too much shade and the leaves were too big.

The nebari does need work. I know. As does the chop scar. I was hoping it would just heal over but may have to do something more dramatic.


Dustin Mann

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Re: Ficus "Tiger Bark"
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Andy. Just a thought. I have taken "S" curve Tiger Bark like you have done nice job with. I would do 2 additional things with tree;  1) slant it even more to the left so first low branch even lower(won't have to keep pulling it down.  2) At same time tilt base back more and bring apex bend forward toward you. If you do this reverse taper of trunk less noticeable, and bring all the branches forward gives more dramatic taper instead of broom canopy. Just another opinion. pps. can send you some stuff if give me your address. I don't post much"lookie here"  mine-   Dustin Mann