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Title: Delonix regia Aka Royal Poinciana
Post by: wdnet on February 11, 2012, 04:46 PM
A bit of the story before I ask my questions.
Other common names for Royal Poinciana include,  Flame Tree, Mohur Tree and Red Flame also known in Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico as Flamboyant Tree, is Native to Madagascar, the Royal Poinciana is surely near the top of the list of the world's most beautiful flowering trees. One of the nice features of this wonderful tree is that it produces open shade, which permits many plants to grow underneath that would not be possible in the dense shade of other trees. The Poinciana quickly grows to a height of about 40'. I was able about 6 years ago to get my father to bring me seeds of the tree for my own pleasure of growing them. So far I have grown 3 and they are 4 years old. I finally transplanted the trees from the single pot to the individual ones last year during summer hoping they wouldn't die on my and so far knock on wood they are still growing and very nice looking. They have not flowered as of yet. I also gave my uncle 10 seeds last year and he got 7 to germinate but not too sure what venture he took on them.
Here comes my questions on the Bonsai Topics. Has anyone tried growing them before? What kind of care do I need to give them in order to stay at a nice considerable Bonsai size?
The 3 I have range between 10"/14"/15" respectively. I can post my own  pictures in a few days, the ones I will add are just some I was able to find online. I grew up with these type of trees and its a favorite among all I know that know this type of tree as well.
Title: Re: Delonix regia Aka Royal Poinciana
Post by: Nigel Parke on April 21, 2012, 02:17 PM
The first thing that determines how well they will grow is the climate of where you live. If you are located in the southern states then they should be okay, once it does not get too cold, though I guess you could take them inside and grow them under lights.
Here in Jamaica, the poinciana is a very popular, well loved and beautiful tree. While they are tolerant of areas with high rainfall, they tend to do better in the areas that are drier, hence in the more southern parishes (counties) which are drier, they are very abundant. I have one in training which is about 4 feet tall now, but it has a far way to go based on what I am planning for it.
I have two friends who have more established poincianas which they developed from collected material. I try and get some pics to post later. i think that in order to capture the grace and beauty of these trees then they need to be on a larger scale as bonsai.
I would love to know where you are located and see some pics of your poincianas.

All the best with them.

Title: Re: Delonix regia Aka Royal Poinciana
Post by: Anthony on June 05, 2012, 09:37 AM
Hee, hee, hee,

nicely done photoshop of the Flambouyant bonsai. The flowers are many and on long "sprays", the leaves are also fairly large.

The best I have seen is a good trunk with a suggestion of wings, and 6 branches, brought about by grafting. A very difficult tree to bonsai, if you are following the natural shape.
Same problem with Pride of Barbados, by the way.
Anthony - last island before Venezuela.
Title: Re: Delonix regia Aka Royal Poinciana
Post by: wdnet on June 05, 2012, 06:40 PM
Actually the Bonsai picture I grab from the net to show what it would look like. The seeds I still have and the flowers from the tree I got from Puerto Rico. Mines I just did a transplant a few month ago and they are getting taller. I just have them in new pots as we speak less than a week no I have to add my pics. They are very skinny for now I gotta start trimming them a bit. The tallest one I had it for a few months growing under a cabinet close to a sunny spot and got s beautiful curve I love it the other young one still growing straight for now. I will see if I can get the pictures in a few minutes.
Title: Re: Delonix regia Aka Royal Poinciana
Post by: wdnet on June 05, 2012, 07:14 PM
For those wanting to see a bit on what they looked like back in Sept 2011 here are a few pictures of them. These are before transplantation into individual pots. And I should had taken some pics when I did because about a week or so I have them in their possible permanent pots now.  Forgive me for the mess in the background.
Title: Re: Delonix regia Aka Royal Poinciana
Post by: wdnet on June 05, 2012, 07:27 PM
This was probably a week or so since it started getting hotter I decided to give them a possible permanent spot for them to grow. Pic number 4 is the smallest growing so far, pic number 6 is the once catching to the tallest which is the one w the nice curve on the trunk pic number 3. I am gonna try and keep them from growing taller if I can then hope the trunk gets a bit thicker on them. These have close to 4 to 5 years now. The next ones I will plant in a few weeks I will be looking forward to see germinating by  this summer and definitely looking to have them grow even smaller. Right now I am experimenting with 4 trees of Punica granatum Nana AKA Dwarf Pomegranante. Those are almost 2 months old and they are close to 2.5 to 3 inches tall but for that I will have a different topic and pics very soon,

In case if anyone is wondering I just love growing stuff and being able to grow my own in house trees to me is a big joy. NJ is not a outdoor friendly environment for these guys but I do the best I can for them.

Thank you for reading and also for writing. I am learning little by little on how to keep them small.
Title: Re: Delonix regia Aka Royal Poinciana
Post by: johnmarley on June 12, 2012, 02:26 PM
This is a Royal Poinciana I bought this past winter and haven't touched except for a few minor trims.  Want to wait and watch how it grows first.  The pictures don't really show the cut, obviously from a large tree, but it is hidden in the middle.  I think the problem is going to be learning to keep it small and thick. 

Tropicals do well in our Nashville summers where it doesn't cool off much during the night.  This tree takes full sun all day with no apparent problems so far. 
Title: Re: Delonix regia Aka Royal Poinciana
Post by: wdnet on June 13, 2012, 09:15 AM
That's a beauty!!! Mines are a bit off the tall side now. So these I will just try and keep them from further growing. This was sort of my find out and know how by personally experimenting with them situation. I can grow them for sure now the next batch is going to involve trimming at the right time to keep them at a small size. I grew up in Puerto Rico so I had them all around me while growing up. I love them and miss them. I am a bit surprised yours has not bloomed as of yet I figure the have the right age to be ready to do so. There is somewhere online one in a garden center piece that had to be at close to 4 feet tall with a beautiful girth. I was breathless to see such beauty. They love the sun and warmth that is for sure and once you have the blooming they are a sight for sore eyes. I thank you for sharing your pictures. I will be planting some new seeds in a few days I have to get them prepped first the seeds are pretty hard so I need to score them a bit w some sand paper and then give them a nice 3 to 4 day soak. I will keep a chart to share with the results. The new sprouts I will keep under a cabinet w plenty of natural light I want to see if I can slow the growth and try to have the trunk develop better and that way keep them at a smaller height.
Title: Re: Delonix regia Aka Royal Poinciana
Post by: SpongeMann on September 11, 2014, 04:05 AM
They will grow alot faster in bigger pots.
Title: Re: Delonix regia Aka Royal Poinciana
Post by: l cardwell on August 30, 2018, 05:32 AM
Hello everyone, I'm Lynn, the new girl on the site, and live in Devon, UK. My passion is tropical trees, favourite Flamboyance.  I have 4 just now, sown 27 April 18 and going like the clappers, sturdy and full of new growth.  Was wondering when is the best time to repot?  Anyone know?  They have been outside all summer when it's been hot (20-27C) now brought into airy glassed-in porch at night, +/- 10C.  When they sleep, I'll keep them pretty dry and cool until spring. I can post pics when I find out how!