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This is a Buttonwood of mine. I purchased it as rough stock. It is just now beginning the styling phase. Let me know what you think and your thoughts on a front.

More angles.

ken duncan:
I like your buttonwood, there are a lot of good fronts but I like 2961 the best.

I agree with Ken that there are a number of good views.  It is very nice rough stock.  I really like the character of the trunk.  Good purchase.

What a terrific beginning stock with which you have such wonderful options.  When I obtained my first Buttonwood, I kept it alive for a year and just let it grow wild.  I then drew my concept on paper, and picked two branches (which were still green) and removed all the other growth.  When I saw that the one branch I felt would be the new trunk I wired that trunk and kept the other one as a fallback branch/trunk.  After several years, I finally started to develop the shape of the tree.  You are way ahead with this tree, but let the tree thrive before doing anything to it, until, as I said you have the tree planted (excuse the pun) in your head or on paper.

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