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Benjamin Root Over Rockish- type Material

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After 2 days of almost deafening silence....

Figure I would share this lil feller.

A cutting from my original Ben, I put it on this (melted asphalt Rockish type material) rock about a year ago.
The rock is about 4-5 inches with about an inch over the soil now, I intend to expose it to an inch under the soil in spring, and maybe pot it proper.

It will stand about 8-9 inches from soil to top then, as the tree from the rock to top is roughly 5-6 inches.

Some notes.
This is the only one kept out in summer. Brought in once at 50 degrees and placed under 16 hr  fluorescents, IT DROPPED NO LEAVES.
I cut it back twice already since fall. Once to backbud(and remove a 1.5ft sacrifice), once for selection.
I bought some Vigoro slow release pellets in spring that I never used. 16-4-8 for outdoor stuff.
I dosed all my ficus with it about 2 weeks ago. Overdosed. By about 10 times considering.
They are going apedung. Which makes for an interesting winter!

I will update after spring repot.


Nice Little tree Sorce.

I love working with Ficus as they are almost impossible to kill and style so nicely

Definitely want to see this in Spring

Get some wire on that thing (and lose the guy wires)!

Yes, and find another rock.  One with some character.  When you do, JAM it up into the cleft between the roots so there is no space between tree and root.  If you damage bark, so much the better.  But it is next to impossible to create a realistic root/rock bonsai with an established root system; they almost have to be GROWN around the rock to look real.  But it helps if the rock is suitable.


  Bwayne. Thanks for the push!
Started at 3pm, finished at 8pm. With dinner amidst.
I hope it grows into the style. Once it gets going again, a prune and a soil line drop should help.

Sorry about that first pic J.KENT. the rock is there, the white "hole".
It actually has grown in the roots quite nice around the rock.
And I hope to surprise even myself come spring,  the rock as I remember, was pretty interesting, without too much fake look, so I hope it is good!

So I had to anneal a third size wire. Some pics. ...



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