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Beginnings to a Root over rock Ficus Aurea Strangler

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I found a cool rock at work so I carved it to guide main roots. I am making this in memory of my Dad that just passed.

I plan on growing it out. And thread grafting it. Any suggestions  on a ficus with smaller leaves and similar bark?

And foil and back in my small underground Wallapini  till spring.

Sorry to hear about your loss, I can't even imagine losing my father. I like what you've done so far, and I now have learned what wallapini is! I imagine the leaves will reduce a bit with ramification but I have not had a strangler fig before. I wouldn't worry about the grafting for a long time just let it grow as much as possible before cutting back.

Thank you tmmason10. It is a difficult time for our family. All we can do is make sure my kids know what there poppa accomplished. And how much he loved everyone. Wallapini s are awesome. People think its only use is as a coldframe or for overwintering.  I put my tropicals in during our lighr winter. And in the summer I put my winter hardy trees that dont like florida too much. Its pretty cool down there during  warm months. I porch screen over the glass in summer. The temp changes only a few degrees through the seasons. The leaves reduce alot. But I want to keep it kinda small. What kind of trees do you have  Mason?


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