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Banyan style Ficus "Golden Gate"

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I think with this new orientation the tree would look really good with a sectioned crown rather than a completely full, rounded crown. If you know what I mean.

andy graham:
....considering changing the front(again)....any preferences?


Larry Gockley:
Hi Andy, good to hear from you. It took me a while to determine the exact difference, the first pic is turned cc a few degrees, right? I like the second pic, straight on, but it may not be a fair comparison, as the height of the camera and the shade / light on the trunk is different. I do however like the new pot. Great tree. Larry

From your two most recent pics, I think the first presents the more interesting image. (Sorry, Larry.) The eye seems to be drawn in more, tho that could be the lighting I suppose.

which pot do you guys like the most? I am looking to repot a ficus very similiar to this and i cant decide between a brown, blue or cream pot


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