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appropriate pot?

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Mike Pollock:
Here they are side by side. The original and the narrower, shallower pot.

Can you heat the pot up and adjust it?   ;)

Well for my 2 cents, I like the second shallower,  shorter pot better. To my eyes it looks like the tree is 'happier' in it.

Since you ask ... First, of all, nice tree with a good image!

I agree that a shallow pot will work well, to show off the nebari. The present pot does look a tad big, but you might just choose to wait a couple of years, since Ficus microcarpa are such rampant growers!

I have to agree with Wayne that, at least in the picture, the pot color is so strong it pushes the tree into the background. Blue works well with many Ficus, since they have a touch of blue in their foliage. I think a blue that was little less exuberant would still match the tree well but not grab center stage.

Larry Gockley:
Hi Andy. I like Mikes smaller pot too, but not sure that reduced root mass would support the foilage in that South Texas heat. You could make that call. Also agree with treebeard about the color being a bit vibrant. My eye keeps shifting away from the tree, to the pot. Larry

I like the pot size & shape but IMHO personally prefer to put a tiger bark ficus in a light green or blue green pot. I think the blue detracts somewhat from what is a really pretty tree. 8)


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