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appropriate pot?

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andy graham:
I worked on this one some yesterday. It's been in this brown oval for a couple of years, but I'm still considering a wider pot as I let the canopy widen.

I like this brown pot over the blue too.  The blue is distracting.  Beautiful ficus you got there Andy!

Larry Gockley:
I really like this one Andy. I like the trunk movement, branch structure, I even like the pot. I don't remember seeing this one when I was visiting. How long will it take to grow new leaves, two weeks, or maybe three? Great job, as usual. It almost doesn't look like the same tree in the blue pot. Larry


--- Quote from: Mike Pollock on March 29, 2011, 12:42 PM ---Here they are side by side. The original and the narrower, shallower pot.

Can you heat the pot up and adjust it?   ;)

--- End quote ---
I like the smaller of the two,....when I first saw the pic smaller pot was my first thought,....I like the color and the depth. Nice tree!

If it were mine I'd go with the wider pot and let the tree grow into it. And I agree with Wayne about color. Either way it's a fine bonsai.


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