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A Rock-sai Ficus retusa


Larry Gockley:
This little guy I started as an 1/8" cutting in Feburary of 2006. As soon as I learned there were enough roots, I wired the trunk down as low as I could, and put a sharp  bend in it. February of this year, I removed it from the training pot and cut a depression in this rock. Because of the more or less horizontal trunk  movement, I pictured this tree growing on the downward  slope of a hill, and when I saw this rock, it seemed a match. I like the tree as it sits on the bench, but in a picture, ( 2-D ), I don't care for it as well. I'm thinking I need to cut off 2/3 rd's of the top and start over. It has a 1  1/2 " trunk, and is 7 " high.  What do you think?  Larry        ( if the pic doesn't show, click on attachment)

<edit>Larry, whatever program you're using to resize your images is corrupting the EXIF data.  You might consider stripping the exif data or using a different resizing program.</edit>

How about turning the pot around?

andy graham:

Jerry's idea works. But,even more importantly imho, is to get more ramification and reduce the leaf size. Both doable down here in one season. BTW...pretty cool planting.


Larry Gockley:
Thanks a lot Jerry and Andy. I like that idea.   Irene,  no it isn't. I did this one in February.  Larry

Nice tree.  I like to see people doing cuttings and developing them into something nice.   I like the advice you got from Jerry and Andy.  I grow a lot of different types and tropicals are my favorite.  They develop faster.  LOL  Bill


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