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ken duncan:
A plant friend, who is no longer with us, once told me that plant propagation was her first love.
I feel this way also, it is like creating something from nothing. Even with all of the plants that need care around our place, and God knows I don't need any more to care for, I will still take cuttings. It seems a waste to just throw all of those Bonsai clippings away.

The other day I worked on a narrow leaf ficus that I grew from a cutting and this was the results.
The first pic shows a cutting that was taken about 3 or 4 years ago.
the second was after removing some foliage.
The third shows removing a large branch, this could have been made into a taller Bonsai but I did not see a good tree in it.
The fourth shows the branch that was removed.  

ken duncan:
The next pic shows cutting the branch into 3 pieces. The whole branch could have been rootted but there again I did not see a very good tree, so cut some more.
In the next pic I am beveling the edge of the base to expose more tissue for water to be absorbed.
The last 2 pics show using pure Perlite to root the cuttings in, Prelite helps to keep the cutting damp and from rotting so much.
I keep them in a spot outside that gets morning sun and is protected from the wind. They are watered every day with the Bonsai.  

Nice sequence.

ken duncan:
Thank You Jerry.

ken duncan:
The little tree that was left was not great, but left to grow on its own for a few years may make a good Shohin someday. As new branches grow the whole look can change, maybe a new top or a new front that is better. Time in a pot is so important to good Bonsai and sometimes when a tree is left alone for a while, really good things can happen.
When I first started doing Bonsai I think that I messed with my trees to much, maybe that is why I have so many now, always something to work on. 
I think that it is important to let some material grow on its own for some years and see what develops. Just water, feed and maybe prune around the edges from time to time. Then go in and prune out a Bonsai.


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