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wrist size cuttings

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John Kirby:
Donn, that is about as good as tree is out there, but no details on process and development. But, it does show it can be easily done. I have- few 2+ inch cuttings that are several years past rooting, based on seeing that article.

Thanks for all the help! I am investigating your recommendations. Daffodils and snow drops blooming here. Have fun.

Is it possible to take cuttings of trident maples in August by using bottom heat and high humidity.

John Kirby:
I just saw some last week being done by a commercial propagator here in CT. Roots after a week.

Thanks John
Up here in sept. it is like another short spring. Everything goes to sleep during the dog days and then takes off again sept. oct.we get quite a bit of growth in the fall. If I can get a bit of root started I can keep them happy all winter under lights and with a bit of heat from underneath I am hoping to get a head start for the spring. I'm crossing my fingers. Maybe August is the ticket
Thanks again John. Here's hoping.
Qualicum Brian


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