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wrist size cuttings

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John Kirby:
My short and terse answer is related to the lack of good and reliable literature that is bonsai specific. There are a few pieces that discuss the concept. Kyosuke Gun has a good book on growing tridents "Kaede" that gives a very nice pictorial view, but it is in Japanese with lots of great cartoons.

Thanks. I will check it out. If anyone comes across anything specific, please pass along. No offence John. 

Michael Dirr's books on propagation are essentially the Bible for that sort of thing.  It is NOT specific to bonsai, nor does he specialize in wrist-size cuttings.  Still, it might be helpful.

Owen Reich:
I styled a tree for Julan Adams last week that he rooted from a large trunk he chopped off.  www.adamsbonsai.com  He can tell you what he did, but sounds like you're past the questions stage.

As John Kirby said "no".  Dirr's book is the gospel; both his Manual of Woody Landscape Plants and Manual for Woody Plant Propagation.  The Royal Horticultural Society has a great book called Propagation that covers a number of herbaceous and tropicals not hit on in Dirr's books.

Bonsai Today has some sporadic articles on propagation work as do a few of the newer Bonsai Focus.

Don Dunn:
Take a look at Bonsai Today issue #8. starts on page 23 but skip to page 31 Trunk cutting example # 2. Looks like he had roots on large Trident cuttings about like yours in a couple of months. He goes through the whole process with pictures of the process. The next section of the same article is also very interesting on page 35 Cuttings for multiple trunk bonsai. 
Let me know if you can't get ahold of this issue.


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