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T-Town Bonsai:
Here are three projects that I haven't worked on in a couple of years.  This new job is nice but it keeps me too busy in the summer time.  These are three of over a hundred that John Kirby, his wife, a friend of his and myself dug in the winter of 04.
Some now pictures and some from 04. 
I have been thinning down the herd on ebay.  Hope that I can rid my self of all these projects and just keep the better ones. 

T-Town Bonsai:
Here is the second tree.

T-Town Bonsai:
Third one.

John Kirby:
work, work, work. I bet they grew faster in Oklahoma......

T-Town Bonsai:
No doubt, no telling what they would look like if I were still there and didn't have time to work on them.  How are yours doing John?


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