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Trident triple trunk

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Don Blackmond:
This is a different duck.  Several years ago, Matt O and I did some horse-trading and this is one of the stumps I ended up with.  I decided to keep this one to entertain idle moments.  It was moved from a cement tub 3 years ago (? time flies) into this mica oval, and repotted each of the last 2 years.  I have been working the base and below just to see what can be made of it.  Its had only minor branch work, although a straight-line wind performed branch selection for me....

It has some scars and lumps and other oddities that may not appeal to some folks.

For the time-being the main structure will remain as you see it.  I will continue to work the base and roots for a couple more years, clean up some scars a little and then concentrate on the branching after that.  I may shorten it when the time comes, but not now and probably not ever.


Don Blackmond:
I had more to add, but the session timed out  >:( ??? ::)  Oh well.  Here.

Don Blackmond:
After root work and cleaning the base more.  There is more to do, but there is always next year...

Don Blackmond:
The pot is too small to get the planting angle correct.  It needs to be rotated clockwise 20 degrees or so.  I had a mica drum to use but I put a bald cypress in it instead.  This clay pot will do for a year.

Next year, more root work and repotting will raise the trunk out of the soil more to expose more base.  Same, the following year and that should do it.  Then branches.

Its not a lot of progress, but its not my only tree.

Don Blackmond:
This last photo is from may 2007.


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