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Last fall I bought some Trident Maple seeds.
Planted them late fall and kept them outside for natural stratification.

The seedbed was exposed to temperatures as low as -20 degree Celsius. (-4 Fahrenheit).

Great result this spring: none sprouted.
I know that there are Maple species that that at least two years to germinate.
Is this so with Tridents?
Or is the exposure to deep frosts fatal?

In other words, can I get rid of the seedbed, or should I wait another year?

I allready bought 50 bonsaipots, like the one shown on the package, for my promised trees....


Would love to hear someone with experience answer this question.

My understanding via Brent Walston is that trident maple seeds have to be fresh, making it very difficult to grow from seed.  I have tried several times and failed and now just order bare-root seedlings for my nursery...

I have found they rot easily kept outdoors unless drainage is perfect. I have good success stratifying them in my refrigerator where I can better control the moisture. In the spring when they start to swell or sprout in the fridge, I plant them outside.



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