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Trident maple seedlings.

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I've just recently bought 2 trident maple seedlings, I'm pretty new to bonsai and just mainly wondering how to make sure my seedlings will have good nebari later on. Also any other tips with trident maples will be appreciated.

Nebari is made @ repotting time.  I didn't notice where you were in your profile, but its probably too late to repot.  A picture would help, but in general getting the rootball as flat as possible with roots exiting the trunk at the same level is ideal.  There are a few tricks for oil-slick nebari ...but you're years from that w/ seedlings.

I have seen many oil slick type nebari but never any tricks. Could you elaborate on the "tricks" for creating such?

I'm in Tasmania it's late autumn right now.. When it's time to re pot do I flatten the roots in a very wide shallow pot, or a deeper one with a tile a few inches below the dirt? Thx

Al, I'm certain I'm going to disappoint you.  The only two tricks that come to mind involve setting each individual root in traction w/ pins and a board of some type and fertilizing near the nebari.  Neither give immediate results.  I'm certain you're familiar with both ...but I wish I could think of the gentleman from Japan that pioneered the traction/pinning of roots.  I'm not sure where I FIRST heard about it, but I know I've read about it @ Jonas' wonderful http://bonsaitonight.com.  I believe Adair's done something similar with a Zelkova that he posted ...probably here.

Super, I'd opt for wide and shallow.


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