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A study group member recently dug/acquired SEVERAL Trident maples.  This one was one of the larger ones and after he saw growth from the tree, he wanted to go ahead and set it on its course.

We had some discussion as to what needed cutting and we didn't all agree at first.  We eventually decided what to cut and found a place to do the work.  (It was pouring but we put down a tarp on the back porch.)

What we cut off and a few different angles.

Lots of big cuts.  Did you guys consider going a little more concave on some of the cuts?  Was any cut paste used?

We convinced the nursery/homeowner to let us cut on his back porch.  We weren't able to convince him to let us grind things down on his porch ...and the rain wouldn't let us work outside.  The owner of the tree is going to grind things down in the next week (we've got rain the next 4 days) and cover things with cut paste.

You guys need to work on your negotiating skills.  :)


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