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trident maple - looking better with age


Here is a trident maple that I grew out for 5 years after purchasing it as an ugly tree.  Now the scars have healed and it has a beautiful shape.  The base has swelled and the ugly roots disappeared.  Nature did most of the work on this tree.  Originally from Matt Ouinga, it is about 20 inches tall with a 6 inch base.  Next spring into a nice pot, either light blue or cream.  I didn't really like this tree at all until this year when I started to work on it.  Now it is one of my favorites.

The lowest right branch is an approach graft that I did this spring.

Help me out here.  From pic 1 to pic 2, its been turned 180-ish°?  Did you chop off the thick 1st branch on the left and smooth the chop?

Did you do any rootwork to improve the base, or did 4 years of growth correct the problem?

I like this tree.  I trust that it will only improve, especially now that it will probably be receiving more frequent/diligent care since you've just started to like it.

Yes I cut that 1st branch because the chop looked so bad.  The tree is rotated and tilted now.  I planted it out in a very large tub and let it run for 5 years, nature did the rest.  I was shocked to see how the roots had improved when I dug it out.  I can't really take credit for how much nicer the tree looks !  Thanks, I am sure it will improve.  The branches are almost started from scratch on a nice trunk, which means I don't have a lot of other work to do.


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