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Trident Maple Leaf Characteristics


I am looking at doing some Trident grafting next spring (Autumn here in Aus) and have many seedlings from which to graft but many have different leaf characteristics.

After reading a number of Bonsai today/focus, I have read that there is 'not ideal' foliage but what is the ideal?

I assume that smaller is better but is that all that matters?

Is it best to have very separate lobs on each leaf, a certain shape leaf, rounded leaves, sharp points, blunt points...can you see where I am coming from?

any help would be great.



I don't have the answer to your question, but I recall Al mentioning somewhere that Trident leaves now don't look like Tridents used to.  I'll try to find it.

What type of grafting?  For what purpose?  That may help with the answer.

Thanks for the replys

Sorry I should have mentioned, I have a large Trident 4-5 inches think and I am thinking about threadgrafting a new trunk onto.

The reason for this is that there are no low branches or movement/taper and a very large scar that I would like to cut off.

My other option is just to cut it back below any branches (and the scar) and hope for it to bud where i would like it to.

As i said, it is mainly for a whole new trunk and a bit of practice.


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