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Trident Maple Forest - Advice, suggestions or maybe admiration?

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My bonsai club has a wide library so will look there and see.  Otherwise I will search Google and see what I can find.

Thanks for that

As has been mentioned, there are some things that could be done to improve this grouping but what strikes me is how much this planting's matured over the years.

What are your next steps?

Yes, it's matured. Soon a shallow tray would encourage surface roots.

Thanks so much for the positive feedback.

I am currently in 2 minds on how I want to proceed with the planting.

One train of thought is to get it onto a flat slab whilst the other is to get into a very shallow pot and add some rocks etc in between the trees etc. (I am leaning towards the shallow pot)

I have been looking at images of Forest plantings by Saburo Kato for inspiration.

1 - Slab
2 - Pot
Photo credit to Saburo Kato

Since maples are deciduous, I'd suggest the pot is more likely the way to go.  Maples don't usually grow on/in an environment such as a slab represents.  Rocks would be OK in the pot, but again, I'd suggest less rugged rocks such as might be seen in a low-land meadow.


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