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Trident Maple Forest - Advice, suggestions or maybe admiration?

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I'd like to see a little movement wired into the leftmost trunk.  Not a lot, but something to get rid of the stiffness.  

I'm not at all sure I can see what the wires on the middle trunks are doing or are supposed to do.  The wires seem a bit small to be affecting the trunks any.

Thanks for the feedback.  I really love to get feedback from others as one's view can be off sometimes.

Are you talking about this trunk - Pic 1 - Yellow?  If so, I definitely agree.

With regards to the wiring.

In pic 1 - Orange.  The wire is thin but then I have used it to bend the upper part of the trunk forwards so that the crown is brought outwards slightly and not getting lost in the rest of the larger trees. If you look from the side one can see it better

Pic 1  - Red.  The same goes for this.  I brought it forwards slightly to fill up the canopy.

Pic 2 - Red.  This wiring was done to move the trunk slightly away from the one on the right.  They were growing towards each other.

Would you have done something different?

Yes.  That was the one.

It can be difficult to manipulate the trunks of a forest that has been put together for a while; much better to have done it beforehand, but that's water over the dam and thought for your next forest.   :)

That said, for all of those middle trees, I would have used wire at least 2 sizes larger, and started it from the roots up.  In addition to the top, I would have put some slight moment (forward, backward, sideways) in the lower trunks, too.  I think I'd suggest snipping (NOT unwinding) the current wire and doing it again with the larger wire.  Added movement should not be drastic; just get away from the stiff-as-a-pencil look.

Whatever, this should turn  into a nice grouping.

Thanks so much for the advice.  I definitely agree that long term it will work out and be a good forest planting.

I will do some work on it over the weekend and then post. 

Well eventually got a gap to get stuck into doing some wiring on some of the trunks of the Maple Forest.

Definitely put some movement into a few of the trunks.



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