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Trident Maple Forest - Advice, suggestions or maybe admiration?

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Thanks so much

Good Vision.  I never thought of it that way but I like it.

The subtle use of a few rocks will definitely work well and create a good overall view.

Right now I want to leave it for this season to let it grow.  I am going to cut the tips off and do a partial defoliation to get more light into the centre parts and hopefully assist with back budding and ramification.

Larry Gockley:
When maple trees put out new growth, they form a left leaf, right leaf, and a center leaf. If you pluck out the center bud, as early as possible with a long tweezers, that center will produce two buds . Keep doing this in early spring. The two buds, when plucked again, will become four, and the four, eight, and so on. When this ramification reaches the intended outline of the tree, stop plucking and let it build strength. This new growth will be too long internodes, but will be trimmed off anyway next winter. This is all done with the very first spring growth. Try to build ramification first, and this will help greatly with the goal of leaf size reduction.

Thanks Larry.  Great information.  Really appreciate it.

I will definitely have a long hard look at my maple and start doing that.

That's an excellent suggestion for a single-tree bonsai, but less so for a forest -- except, perhaps, for some of the outside trees.  

Forest trees grow tall and slim with fewer low branches.  Generally speaking.   :)

Thanks so much

I did some work on it last night whilst watching the telly and thinned out the top slightly to try and get some more air into the centre branches.

I also did a little bit of wiring on some of them just to try and move certain branches and trunks to certain parts.

Excuse the poor pics.


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