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Trident fall progression

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Dan W.:
I'm not sure on the history of this tree. But if Don happens to stumble on this post I'd love to hear what he knows. :)

I'm very happy with the nebari, but thanks for your thoughts.

I agree, if it weren't for those gaps, the nebari would be half as interesting.

If that top 1/3 on the right were brought down, making the separation a little less, I think you can achieve your shortening and solidify its movement to the right.  Along with the ramification and smaller leaves, that separation will likely stay in proportion to what it is now. Keeping that separation, to match the nebari gaps.

That trunk curve is too sexy to shorten any more. It seems too flow so nice all the way to the apex! It's like man made the curve, but nature forgot, now it's perfect.

3 cheers



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