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Brian Van Fleet:
I like it...lots of potential, and (for sorce) shows the grower's ability.  Sometimes exaggerated features are more a demonstration of the grower's skills than an homage to any tree in nature. 

Judy, I was in a rush - getting ready to go to work - before I snapped the picture so it was in a grabbing distance, but you gotta love the scent Haha! I noticed everyone usually uses cans, but we are a bottled water family lol

Sorce, I watched and read Walter Pall's criticism before so I'm familiar with your reference to it being the "Japanese standard." Judy and Brian threw great points, which were " it packs a lot of character" and "show's the grower's ability" about this tree and those are the main reasons I decided to get it - to be frank. As for the rest, this tree is not finished,  but I think the hard part is out of the way.

Thanks everyone!

I see where Sorce is coming from, but I think it just looks a bit strange because the nebari is out of proportion with the crown, a big thick base needs a nice spreading canopy to balance it out (maybe?). At least that's my thought, which I am sure will happen since the branching is still in early stages.

I agree with you! As I previously mentioned it still has some way to go before it could be displayed as a show tree.
Judy mentioned on bonsainut, that I should consider a final height. I think choosing a final height and establishing an appropriate canopy will solve the proportion issue your talking about. THAnks jlushious


 I kept thinking it is still young.

Proportion is definitely going to help.

It is still scary though!  ;)

And I do love it.

Good of you to be purchasing decent material. And from a great fella!



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