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Today, I was lucky enough to have someone to work with with me on the  tree. We got rid of a few bulging areas on the trunk, picked a front, and discussed the steps to take in the future. Enjoy the pics!

This looks good Nick.  Great little tree.

Beautiful tree Don and BonEng!

I really like the movement of the tree shown in the 2nd picture of the OP's last post.  The nebari is also impressive.  Its my opinion that it could be further refined to really make this tree a show-stopper though. 

As is, this tree is a novelty, with a grotesque nebari.  The nebari seems not in keeping with the nature of the rest of the tree.  The part that bothers me is that the edges of the nebari are bulbous rather than diminishing into the soil.  It reminds me of trees growing along streets where concrete has been poured to build sidewalks and the trees roots fill that space before beginning to push up at the edges.

Simply lowering the tree in the pot would go a long way toward helping.  I'm talking ΒΌ" or so.  Ideally, the nebari could be treated to ground layer at roughly that level and continue to enhance to a level not achieved by many in the states.

You didn't ask for it, ...so you're not obligated to do anything with it, but there it is.

Again, I mean no disrespect to the current owner or any who's had a hand it in getting to where it is.  This tree is already very nice ...and I'd make room for it in short order!

I second Bwayne. Very closely.

I follow your ground layer thought. A mass of surface roots almost directly on top of the current soil line. That would fill in relatively soon, maybe even sooner with a couple grafts if Eng could pull it off.

Would create a more femine look for the fine trunk movement in pic 2!

Thanks for the update.

I want you to make me eat my wicked thoughts of this tree!

So far so good!



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