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Love that bark! Thanks for the photo, interesting pot...

NICE tree.....
must be a joy to view daily!

Don Blackmond:

--- Quote from: John Kirby on February 15, 2014, 07:10 PM ---Well, the first little tree came back to me following a trade. Have continued its development, repotted this week in to a little Shozan / Shouzan illustrated pot, with the Foxes Wedding Scene on it . The tree barely fits in this pot due to the widthe of the nebari.

--- End quote ---

I'm happy to see this tree again, and glad you got it back.  Its looking good John.  I like the idea of tightening up the top half.  It will really look great once you develop your secondary and tertiary branching on the upper left.  Not bad for a garden center reject.

What's the story on that pot?

I don't know the maker, but the picture is the Fox Wedding.



John Kirby:
http://japanesebonsaipots.net/?s=Foxes+wedding&submit=Search. The potter is Shouzan (Joshu), who is a modern Japanese artist. Very nice detail and it doesn't have the extra zero or two a Yusen would cost. I got it from Boon after his last trip to Japan where he went to Shinkupuji Temple to visit Omura san.


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