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Shohin Trident

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John Kirby:
i will cut i down to 1-2" next weekend then cut and carve in October. John

John Kirby:
Cut the long leader off in August, at Boon's suggestion cut it all the way down and cleaned it up with a knife. The tree has popped back really well, has had good bud back around the cut which is healing. The tree is really holding on to its leaves, tho I noticed that a few of the leaves on the back of the tree have started to turn red. Will see in a few weeks how it is really healing.


Jeff Lahr:
Looks great. This tree has some great taper now, which is often lacking in shohin trees.

John, awesome stuff. Can't wait to see it defoliated for fall!

Jerry Norbury:
Couldn't be better. What pot will you eventually go for?


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