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Good Evening All,

Took some quick pics to document progress on some of my trees on this hot (98 degree) evening before I take a dip in the pool. Thought I'd post a shohin trident that I am working on that I have not posted before. Tree was repotted in early March and was defoliated May 8. Things are growing well on my benches as you can see. This little tree measures 4-1/2 inches to top leaf. Planted in this pot to work on the spread of the roods and to begin to develop the nebari.


That is a nice tree.

John Kirby:
So, how did this one do this year?


All of our trees did very well this year in spite of the summer heat. This little shohin was no exception. This year Shim & I  placed a shallow layer of  Yama goki (Mountain Moss) on all our Satsukis and other trees with the exception of JBP, JWP, & Junipers to prevent the soil from drying out to quickly in the STL summer heat. This was extremely helpful with our shohin in small shallow pots. I could not believe the feeder root development this caused close to the soil level. Roots were even growing up into the yama goki. I kept my organic fertilizer cakes close the trunk of this little tree to stimulate root growth the develop the nebari hoping to get them to fuse over the next several growing seasons. This tree is dropping its leaves. Last weekend the color on it was spectacular. I'll snap a picture tomorrow afternoon and post it. I picked up a nice pale blue oval made by Max Braverman from Josef that this tree might eventually go in. The other option is is a round mustard Hagedorn that Doyle agreed to part with when I was at his place in June.

We have now successfully gotten through two winters and two summers without losing a tree.

Thanks for asking about this one.



John Kirby:
Thanks, look forward to it. By the way, I put Spaghnum moss on many of my shohin junipers and pines, especially in small/shallow pots. It allows me to water once a day on all but the windiest and driest of days.



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