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Places to Find Tridents


Well I'm thinking about my trees as they begin to wake up... slowly. My two Tridents that I purchased last year as raw material have begun to show some bud swell and will be repoted shortly. I was thinking that it would be a good thing to post places where we may have found good quality material. And to fill the group in on the purchase experience.

I obtained these two Tridents from Sonlight    http://sonlightnursery.com/SonlightNursery/Welcome.html . Frank was very understanding and helpful. The pictures posted at this time seem to be last years stock, but it could give you an idea of where he is and what he 'may' have. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions. If I remember correctly, Frank was starting a new job and I'm not sure if he is still going to sell trees.

Remember.... the more a tree is developed the more it helps to be able to see the tree in person. With most of these trees they are starter material, many years away from a show pot. The online purchase experience was positive.

my two cents

John Kirby:
I talked to Frank this morning, he was going back to OKC to dig trees, one last time. It sounds like he is going to have a bunch to sell this year. He is here as well. I have bought a lot of trees from Frank, he is a quality person to work with. John


Do you know if Frank is going to be digging any black pines?


John Kirby:
A few hundred, get out your check book.

I bought a trident from Frank that I was very happy with.  I've also bought a couple from Don of Gregory Beach Bonsai who is another fantastic vendor.


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