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While the initial chop may be high, that is not a bad thing. Trees with a good trunk and aged bark can be a powerful image.

My respose had more to do with the second chop and not lettuing that one get large enough. There is a pretty big disparity between the two and probably not somethingf that will correct itself, even with time.

I have done the same thing, and now I too am wondering what I can do to resolve the problem since mine seems to grow as a unit, hence no thickening above the chop to induce better taper.

John Kirby:
Al, try grafting back at the junction between the first and second chops.

Jerry Norbury:
Any update on this?

This tree sat.  ...and sat.  ...and sat some more.  It hasn't done ANYTHING after leafing out initially ...as you might expect after seeing the drastic root reduction.  I noticed this week that its beginning to put out new growth, mostly at the extremities right now, but I hope to get some good budding elsewhere.  Eventually it'll have to be chopped so if I don't get the budding I want now, I'll probably get it then.

As for the root grafts, I have nothing to say.  Since it sulked so obviously and for so long, I opted not to harass it by prodding around to see how the grafts were doing.  I'll have to be patient until late-winter to find that out.  By extension, so will you.

I finally got around to repotting this one.  Lackluster results, but now I can move forward:


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