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andy graham:
Nice tree Wayne! I'm with rockm on this. I'd prune every branch back hard(within a centimeter or two) of the trunk and start from there. It sounds drastic but my understanding of tridents is that they're not far behind Ficus(real trees) in growth rate and back budding.


Great tree.  It has a future.  If it were my tree I would start by wiring every branch down and keep  the secondary branches on the sides  primary branches.  Nice thing about a trident is you can remove all the branches and it will grow new ones.  Takes a long time to redevelope it after you do.  It is easier  for me to do than say.  LOL   Nice one Wayne

In addition to whats been said I would also choose an upper branch to be the new apex.  This will add the little bit of taper that the tree needs.


Waynes Trident

All that said I have a couple Tridents I should have cut down years ago:)


I agree with john, I didn't want to be the only one to say it but now that it's been said...

So in that first pic, if it were mine, i would cut it back to that first branch on the right and regrow the top.  Let the new leader grow and thicken up then chop again and keep doing so until you reach the desired effect.  I would think that you should have the trunk finished in the next two growing seasons as long as its healthy. 

Also, if you don't want to throw away the top you can always layer it but this would set back your time frame.



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