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My big trident


My big trident after it was cut back.   I will wire it this fall.

Rick Moquin:
Coming along nicely. How long have you had it?

Where do you live? The information can be added to your profile which is beneficial to all.

very nice material.  I believe you have all the right branching to make a wonderful tree and the trunk looks just right.  The one thing that I think would make it better is cleaning up the nebari.  Some of those smaller roots should be removed and maybe plan it just a little deeper.  Maybe some root grafts on the left side.  I look forward to your wiring job.


This is one great piece of material. I would really like to see the base more close up? It looks very nice from the smaller view. I wish my trident had a better base  but it is coming. Maybe about two more years.



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