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good nebari?

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Jason E:
I purchased this tree a couple of years ago before really knowing what to look for,"still learning"  When I got it it had been chopped recently and I've been working on branches. Just cleaned up the moss on the base of the tree to get a better look at the nebari. It is not the even radial flare you would try to develop by manipulating the developement of the nebari but it is fused into a solid pad for the most part.

what that tells us is that this tree was kept in a pot that was too small for too long, which caused the roots to start to circle around.  When it was moved up into a larger pot, it was either too late to straiten the roots out, or whoever did it did not take the time to do so. 

I don't think there is anyway of making this look like the typical radial roots that are prized, short of layering above that mess.

Alternatively, if you like how it looks, you can make it a focal point and expose them even more.  But most bonsai people would not find it very appealing, I think.

- bob

Adair M:
Take this as an opportunity to learn a new skill:  air layering!

Jason E:
yeah, learning process. looked better w/ the moss :)

also, these pics are showing the back of the tree.  It would probably look better with the large chop scar in back.

- bob


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