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good nebari?

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Jason E:
Beginner? I guess, I'm light years away from where I was when I started and am dedicated to learning through my local club, books,dvd's, study groups, and I help out at the bonsai nursery near where I live. I purchased this tree when I was a true beginner So have been working with what I have :-\.  Achieve w/ the branches? again working w/ what I've got. My plan for this year was to let themain trunk continuation grow wild then select a new leader and chop when I get a suitable diameter for a better transition from original chop. Might also try a thread graft down lowto start a new tree from the base while layering off the top ? not sure about that yet though.

Thanks again, Jason


--- Quote from: JMEK on April 19, 2012, 09:59 AM ---Thanks everyone, Thanks Boon!
I agree the tree has a lot of problems, but since I have the tree I am going to try to improve it.
How long do I want to spend doing that? I have time and room for it.
Any suggestions on direction to improve this tree Boon?
W/ lots of time :)

thanks again, Jason

--- End quote ---

Hi Jason,
thanks for buying the DVDS.

this is what i would do, if you want to keep it.  first let a few branches grow and use it fro approach graft on to the lower part  one become new apex and 2 branches.  keep it as an unusual tree on the bottom.
wait till the leaves harden off (about another 2-4 weeks.  then air layer the top part. 

you can make 2 trees

make cuttings and wire to get some curve and grow it in the ground.  you will have total control of your tree and see what they will be.  and have fun.


--- Quote from: Jay on April 19, 2012, 01:02 PM ---Thanks Boon for the clarification

--- End quote ---

you're welcome

Jason E:
Thanks Boon, and eveyone.

Hey Jay,
  I read that somewhere too. I started thinking its just a way for bad treecare contractors to screw you out of money. The root will eventually graft itself back to the tree and or vice versa.

  Let's get an update, see if a swan was born.



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