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Are anyone else' Tridents growing gangbusters?

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I have a handful of tridents that were recently chopped, and I've been working over the past month on cleaning up those chops.  As such, they're in a different location from my other trees so I can access them easier (w/ a Dremel). 

I've noticed that these trees seem to be putting on a TON of growth right now and I don't know how to properly attribute that.  They were healthy trees that were recently chopped so that could account for part of it.  The weather has been 10°F cooler than it was last year ...and wetter than any summer I recall (we went from years-long-drought conditions to the lakes being so high its unsafe to go under some bridges) ...so maybe conditions are just better for them right now.  I've also made sure to fertilize regularly, even dabbling in the black art of humic acid regularly.  To completely compound the problem, these trees are situated in a MUCH sunnier spot in my yard than my only other Trident ...which isn't growing with nearly the vigor that these others are.

So I ask you guys, is now a really active time for Tridents, or have I finally hit on what makes them tick?

ps.  Pics after I get through w/ the chops.

John Kirby:
All of the above. Sun, heat, humidity and good fertilizer protocols are the keys. Can't wait for the puctures.

As requested:

Brian Van Fleet:
Yes...tridents are going nuts here too!  This was cut back hard less than a month ago.

Looking good Brian.  And it also looks like you're getting close to getting it out of the ground and into the pot.


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