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Thanks for trying do something to improve participation on this board!! I have a couple of questions about this contest.

1. What is criteria upon which the trees will be judged?  Will it be the same each month?
2. Who is/are the judge(s)?


BSG Moderator:
Those are good questions and I thought we answered them pretty well in the rules threads.  We didn't though.  (I had to go back and re-read.)

I'll make sure it gets updated, but basically we're going to have a poll and whoever wishes to vote will be the judges.


--- Quote from: johng on July 02, 2010, 06:26 AM ---1. What is criteria upon which the trees will be judged?  Will it be the same each month?

--- End quote ---

We talked about having different "themes" or subjects for future TotM contests.  (Deciduous, flowering, evergreen, Halloween-y.)  Maybe that'll happen in the future.  Suggestions are welcome.

Jerry Norbury:
We had one of these contests on the UK forum ( aka and I helped formalise the rules. Our competition was "Garden centre plant made into bonsai"

Here are the complete rules - essentially as they were accepted:

Regarding judging we had three criteria.
i) Transformation achieved (the degree of change from the start material to the end product)
ii) End design (the quality of the result)
iii) Presentation (stands, accents, photo quality etc...)

Jerry, that's a little different than what we've got here.  This is a friendly monthly contest where folks can show off one of their trees.  A styling contest isn't a bad idea, but not really the focus of the TotM contest.


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