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Where can I purchase one???

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It depends on what you're looking for.  Kemin Hu's website is wonderful (spirit-stones, as referred to by Harry), but they are not traditional suiseki.  She is mostly selling what would be classified as gongshi (scholar's rocks).  She does have wonderful stones, and  there's usually good deals during the holiday season. 

If you're looking for Japanese style stones (suiseki), then Sean Smith would be a great resource.

Finally, you could by from Chiara in Italy.  Although I have no personal experience with purchasing from her, I do know some that have, and they have reported positive experiences (in fact, it was a friend of hers in Virginia, he's a well regarded stone enthusiast and I trust his judgment).  Here's her website:  The stones are mostly (guessing a little) ligurian limestone.

So, I guess it all comes down to what you want.

Best of luck


Check out   my stones and daizas are for sale on there. Check them out.

Owen Reich:
If you have a specific type you're looking for, I can look.  We (Fujikawa-San and I) go to a lot of auctions here in Japan and can find them any time.

Mike Pollock:
I'm surprised no one mentioned Sean Smith

Sean is one of the most knowledgable Americans on viewing stones in general and suiseki in particular. From $20,000.00 Japanese stones to $40 American stones in the suiseki tradition, Sean is the man to talk to.  He also sells accessories for stone display as well as making stands for suiseki.

DISCLAIMER. I'm a good friend of Sean's and collect with him whenever I can.  I don't make any money from promoting him; in fact, I've spent more money than I probably should.  ;)

Who you calling "no one"?  ;)


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