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Why Shohin?


Good Evening All,

Why Shohin - other than the fact that I just like them,  because I can fit 30 trees on a workbench that measures 27" X 6 feet. My other 30 trees take up the one car bay of my two car garage. We are in for some wild weather in St. Louis over the next 24 - 48 hours. Temperature will change by about 45 to 50 degrees. Today was just over 60 and by tomorrow morning that are forecasting upper teens with snow showers and windy conditions. Moved the trees inside since they are not in winter storage just to be safe since several were just worked on and many have been recently wired. Normally here we put our trees to bed Thanksgiving weekend.

Regards to All,


Rob, great point about shohin ;)  We too had the bad weather move in yest.  And I too hadn't put them away in the hoop house yet.   So during the snow storm yest. I put everything away.  Glad I did as it's 23F right now.  No shohin = No room lol

Because I can fit them out on the windowsill. 2 winters no protection, into the third.

Joshua Hanzman:
Wow that is a great shohin collection, congrats!

Would love to see more of these little gems.  Very nice indeed.


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