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Trident trunk chop for shohin?

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Hello everyone.

I recently purchased this nice trident and would like to make plans to make it a shohin if possible. The total height at the apex is about 15". I understand the best time to chop tridents is in the spring, I'm just trying to make a game plan. Would I be better off planting the tree in a training pot after the chop? Any help would be great.


There's a faster shohin in that canopy. With a better nebari.

I would Airlayer it in the spring.

2 tree gameplan.

Thats a great idea. I will have to do my homework on air layering.  Do tridents respond well to air layering?

Tridents are the examples used in most books because they're so quick to layer.  Ordinarily I'd recommend against airlayering as a means of increasing the number of trees you have, but if you do this first thing next spring it'll only be delaying development by 2 months or so. (Depending on where you live.  I should probably have checked.)

John Kirby:
This is a nice little tree. The base in and of itself will not make a good shohin . The top, while nice as part of the medium sized tree won't be a good shohin either. I would look at keeping this tree as a medium sized tree and work to learn how to develop and maintain a Trident Maple bonsai.


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