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Trident Maple

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This is one of three Shohin Trident Maples that I am working on. This one was shown at the beginning of the month in a Shohin display at the 2013 Japanese Festival at the Missouri Botanical Gardens the venue for our clubs fall show.

Owen Reich:
Nice tree.  I think it needs to be repositioned in the container though.

John Kirby:
Nice tree, coming along well . Owen, how would you suggest repositooning it?

Dan W.:
Very cool little Trident. I agree with Owen though... Based on the picture, it looks like the composition would be more balanced if the tree were off-centered to the left instead of right as it is now.

Owen Reich:
I'd move it about 3/4'' to the left, drop left side about 1/4'', turn the tree about 5-10 degrees of current front (by container edge not photo) bringing the right side forward and left side a bit back.  Remove heavy branch in upper front-left canopy and fill out lower right branch about another 1/2-1'' in the middle keeping the front edge more thin.  Apex may need to come down a 1/2" and be rebuilt but can't tell from photo.  Silhouette is good but a little even on both sides.  Container size could be narrowed width wise and height could come down by half for a show, then put back into something deeper.  This would allow for a nice stand under the bonsai in a box display.  Keeping the heavy pot and not using a stand would make the canopy (and tree) appear smaller.  A dark blue oval may be good too but I'm biased.

That's what I'd do.  Just a shift to left would work for current style.


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