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tiny Lonicera nitida

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Hi Some of you know me allready from BT, for the ones who don't just a little discription:
My name is Wessel Eijkman, 44 years old, living in Apeldoorn in the Netherlands, practicing bonsai since 2004.

I just wanted to show a very nice picture of my tiny lonicera nitida, it stands 6 cm high in a Tokoname pot of 4 cm in diameter. The picture was made yesterday in a professional photo setting. Hope you all like it.
If anyone is interested in the whole story of this tree since 2004, feel free to ask and I can show pictures of its development.

Hope to have as much fun here as I had on BT,


Welcome to the Bonsai Study Group, Wessel!  Please do share more about this tree.

I got it from Jeremy Norbury back in 2004 at our first trip of larch seedlings collection in the forests near my house. After that it has come a long way. Since I can't wire any of the branches (they're just too tiny for my hands) I use bolts with a piece of hooked wire attached to them, which I hang on the branches, somewhat like balls in a x-mass tree.
In the pictures you see photo's of every year since 2005.

Hope you like the progress sofar, only thing I would like to change is the pot, maybe a, half-3/4 height, oval one.


and some photo's off 2009

ken duncan:
Great job Wessel, nice tree and You have kept it for many years. I see that You have changed the pot many times, Do You think that will be the finial pot?
It seems that it hard to find the right pot and every time You put a tree in a different pot it changes the whole look of a tree.
That is a big part of Bonsai to me, it is  always changing in so many ways.


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