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Small elm

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This little tree was a gift a few years ago. I was told it was either 'Hokkaido' or 'Yatsubusa'. The leaves aren't nearly as congested as some 'Hokkaido' I've seen, so I tend to lean towards 'Yatsubusa'. If anyone has any thoughts please share.

The picture is from February, before it was repotted, back into the same pot.  I'm still searching for a more suitable pot for this little tree.  I'll try to get an updated photo later this week.

Nice little elm. How tall is it? It appears that it could be a mame.


Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too wet for an updated photo tonight.  Storms rolled through and lasted a few hours.  I'll try again tomorrow for an updated photo.

Current height is around 4 1/4".

Here's a quick and dirty picture from tonight.  You might notice the apex has been cut down some to give a better, more rounded shape.

Thoughts, comments, suggestions welcome.

I like the tree.  Its a little congested, but I understand the dangers in OVERsimplifying shohin as well.

1 - lower left
2 - lower right
3 - above #1
4 - above #2

I like #1's placement.  It needs to come down at about the angle #2 is coming off the trunk.  I like #2.  3 is too close to 2.  If you take off 3, then 4 congests too much w/ 4.  if you take off 2 instead then you've got a big gap between 1 and 4.

I THINK I'd recommend taking off 3 and 4.  Then wire the branch thats coming off the front of the trunk toward the viewer and slightly left (you can see a wire going behind the branch) so that it fills the gap left by #3.  Do something similar to fill the gap left by #4.

What are your thoughts on those recommendations?


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