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Small elm

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Interesting.  Certainly a lot to think about.

I've actually thought about chopping it back to a new apex (right below the hidden wire) and starting over.  But, it (currently) has filled in so nicely I'm a little apprehensive about cutting back and starting over.  I'm doing that on so many trees already it's nice to have a "nice" tree to look at (i consider this one "nice" in person).  I'll be sure to post more photos as I chop/wire, and certainly some more this winter.

Any other thoughts?

I think on a tree this size, that being a stickler for branch placement can be self-defeating. I like what you have here and it's filling in nicely. Good work so far!

I think the branches could move a little more right off the trunk.

Up date?

M. Frary:
  Doesn't look like Hokkaido to me. Nor Seiju. Their leaves are smaller than that. I'd go with yatsabusa.


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