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Shohin Semicascade Japanese Maple

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John Kirby:
This is a shohin Japanese Maple out at Boon's. I have just started to think about how to develop this tree over the next few years. Increasing the fine ramification is a primary goal. I really like "nontypical" deciduous trees, just haven't found many of them. Should be fun.


I love it. How long did it take to get it into that pot?

Very nice John. Got a question on the first bend. On the inside(or underside) is that crease from being notched? wire scar? or just from thickening up over time? Just curious. In my eyes it does not detract from the overall composition, in fact I think it gives it more character. :)

John Kirby:
No idea on either set of questions. The mark/crease will disappear, not sure what it is from. John

Ok, still looks great. Like to see this tree in leaf come late spring. Thank ya John!


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